I'm Meg Steinschauer

I am propelled by my deep values of kindness and enabling individuals to genuinely connect with themselves through thoughtful and intentional personal discovery.


As an Executive Strategist, I work with entrepreneurs, administrators, and business leaders to help them connect with themselves, their organizations, and their communities.  After spending nearly a decade partnering with Senior Management and Leaders in a variety of industries, I know the keys to empowering organizations to thrive and the power of true and genuine connection.

In 2019, I founded Connected Assistants, a professional network for Administrative Professionals.  I am living my truth bringing it back to my community.  I am a passionate leader in the administrative industry and actively working to elevate the role of administrators across the globe through advocacy and career coaching.

Understanding your strengths, your motives and values, understanding your purpose is key to having a happier working life. 


with your 


Develop a deep understanding of your organisations' goals and how you contribute to the success of this.

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Having a network, a safe place to go and seek advice is essential.

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