Welcome to the public landing page for our
LinkedIn Connected Assistants Support Group.
This group is exclusively open to Admin Professionals, seeking a safe and confidential space to genuinely connect with like-minded individuals in the industry.
Not an Admin Assistant, but interested in becoming one?
We'd love to welcome you and answer any questions you may have. 
Connected Assistants Code of Conduct
What does this even mean I hear you thinking?
Well, it's simple really, outlined here you'll see the rules, guidelines and ethical principles for the "Connected Assistants Support Group" which will be referred to as "The Group" or "Group". The Group "Owner" and the "Managers" thereof will be referred to "The Group Admins".
You will clearly see who these people are once you're in the group.
The Group is dedicated to providing support to individuals in the Administrative Professional role, so that means that everyone has the right to enjoying a space free of Harassment and constant Sales Pitches.
1. Harassment
There are many kinds of online harassment, from rude comments to invasive doxing, cyberstalking, threats of violence and so much more between this. For the purpose of this Code of Conduct "harassment" includes, but is not limited to, the behaviour describes below:
1.1 Cyberstalking: This can comprise a number of harassing behaviour committed repeatedly or with the regularity that usually causes the target to suffer humiliation, fear, anxiety and extreme emotional distress.
1.2 Doxing/Doxxing: This involves publishing a target's sensitive personal information online in an attempt to harass, intimidate, extort, stalk or steal the identity of an individual. "Sensitive Information" can include identity numbers, social security numbers, national insurance numbers, full names, employment information, email addresses and the information of their family members.
1.3 Hacking: The unauthorised intrusion into a device and/or network with the intent to attack, harm, incriminate another individual and/or entity by stealing their data, violation their privacy and/or infecting their device is malicious software. 
1.4 Hateful Speech & Online Threats: A form of expression attacking a specific aspect of an individuals identity, such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or disability. 
1.5 Message Bombing: The intentional flooding of an individual and/or entity's mobile phone number and/or email inbox with messages.
1.6 Nonconsensual, intimate images, videos and/or messages: The distribution of private, sexually explicit images, videos and/or messages without consent. Don't be a creep!
1.7 Online impersonation: Harassers create hoax social media accounts to usually post offensive/inflammatory statements and to extract sensitive information from individuals.
1.8 Online Sexual Harassment: A wide range of sexual misconduct on digital platforms and includes 1.6 Nonconsensual, intimate images and videos. Can be derived from hateful speech and/on online threats.
1.9. Trolling: A very broad term, but for the purpose of this Group, it includes, but is not limited to the following:
1.9.1 Concern Trolling: Pose as fans or supporters with the intention of making harmful or demeaning comments marked as constructive feedback.
1.9.2 Dogpiling: A group of trolls who work together to overwhelm a target through a barrage of disingenuous questions, threats, slurs, insults and various other tactics which are meant to shame, discredit, silence and/or drive an individual offline.
1.10 False Reporting: This is when a group member falsely reports another member for harassment.
Reporting Harassment
If you are being harassed by a member of The Group, or notice that another individual is being harassed, or have any concerns, please contact The Group Admins by sending a message.
If a member is found to be violating the Code of Conduct, The Group Admins reserve the right to report this to local authorities. All reports will be kept confidential, however, members may be made aware of a person who is violating the Code of Conduct in order to protect our group members. We will respect confidentiality requests in order to protect victims who have been violated. Individuals will be removed and blocked from the group immediately.
Sales Pitches
This is a group dedicated to the Admin Industry as a whole and to support each other.
Join us and build relationships and engage with members.
If you have a business that you feel group members would benefit from, please message "Your Pitch" to The Group Admins who will approve/deny your request accordingly.
If you're looking to join this group to just post your pitches, please, don't even consider joining.
Contact Us
If any of the above is unclear, please reach out to The Group Admins or email us at hello@connectedassistants.com
Thank you for your cooperation. 
We look forward to welcoming you to The Group!