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Be Prepared, Intentional and Strategic every day

Executive Assistants, take a bow! We know you are the glue that holds every company together. Multitasking like pros and never resting - even when not at work! That's why we want to put the rocket boosters on your career.

Connected Assistants has been making its home in the U.K. since 2019, and it's an honor to have seen first-hand how key Executives Assistants and their teams have made incredible progress that has echoes throughout their organizations. It’s all about taking action!

Not to worry if you don't know where to start - Connected Assistants' free virtual coffees, blog posts, coaching sessions and training programs will help equip you with the skills and strategies required for success in your role. You deserve nothing less!

So don't hesitate any longer - sign up now for our amazing resources and watch your career soar!

What Brings You Here Today?

Connected Assistants is a passion project filled with unique and engaging content.

Explore our site and all that we have to offer—perhaps our blog will spark excitement in your life, as well.

So, sit back, relax and read on.

Have a read of our blog, where being intentional, prepared and strategic is the mantra of success! Here you'll find everything from tips on improving your role in the workplace to advice on how to become a better leader. Whether you're looking for career advice or just need some motivation for life, this blog has something for everyone. 

At its core, this blog is about setting yourself up for success by being prepared, intentional and strategic in whatever role you may be in. It's about recognizing that we all have different goals, ambitions and paths- but ultimately, it comes down to using our energy efficiently and really optimizing each opportunity that comes our way. 

Being prepared is key with making sure that every task we take on has been thoroughly thought through and planned out.

Intentionality follows closely behind - whether it’s setting clear goals or simply having an idea of what you want to achieve in life. Finally, strategy lies at the foundation of any successful endeavor- understanding not only the individual pieces of a project or goal but also how they work together as a cohesive whole is vital. 

Our blog isn't here to give you all the answers- after all, success looks different for everyone. Instead we're here to provide resources, ideas and stories from our own experiences so that hopefully something resonates with you and helps you move forward on your journey of self improvement!

Online Meeting
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Our free online networking gigs are the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make global connections and grow as an individual.


Through this platform, participants will be able to reach out to people from all over the world and learn together in an engaging, informative setting. You'll get to explore different cultures, interact with like-minded individuals, and come away with a unique set of experiences that will expand both your professional network and personal knowledge base. 

Whether you're interested in meeting new friends or expanding professionally, our online networking coffees offer something for everyone. Our sessions are carefully curated with topics chosen to appeal to diverse interests and backgrounds, so you can be sure you're learning something new each and every time. Plus, we also provide opportunities for open discussion so participants can share their ideas and perspectives freely. 


Take the opportunity to connect with a community that could change your career.

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