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How To Articulate Your Value

As an Executive Assistant, it can be difficult to step up and make yourself heard. But knowing how to articulate your value is essential for any successful Executive Assistant. So let’s take a look at how you can gain the confidence to talk about yourself in a way that gets you noticed and truly appreciated.

Understanding Your Value

The first step in learning how to articulate your value is understanding your worth. You should have a good grasp on what you bring to the table as an Executive Assistant. Make sure that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus on presenting the skills that set you apart from others. Take some time to reflect on your accomplishments and prepare a list of tangible results that demonstrate your value as an Executive Assistant. Instead of just describing what you do, focus on what outcomes or results were achieved with the help of your efforts.

Developing Your Confidence

Once you have identified your key skills and accomplishments, it’s time to develop your confidence in talking about them. Make sure that when you are discussing yourself, it comes from a place of strong belief and conviction. Speak with authority but also with humility – remember that nobody likes someone who talks too much about themselves! A great way to start is by practicing by yourself or with friends until it feels natural when speaking in public settings or meetings.

Exude positive energy and enthusiasm when discussing yourself; this will help boost everyone’s impression of you as an individual who is passionate about their work and eager for challenges. And remember – don’t forget to smile! Smiling makes people feel more comfortable around us, which helps us build better connections with our colleagues or employers.

I hear you 'Why is developing your confidence important, Meg?' Well you rockstar, simply put so that you can:

Get paid what you're worth

No one likes to talk about money, but it's important to know your worth in the marketplace. Do some research and find out what other people in your field with your experience and education are making. Use this information to negotiate for a salary that reflects your value.

And so that you aren't afraid to toot your own horn

In order to get ahead, you need to be able to sell yourself and your abilities. When you're up for a promotion or a raise, be sure to articulate all of the reasons why you deserve it. Don't be shy about highlighting your accomplishments and successes.

Be a team player

While it's important to promote yourself, you also need to be able to work well with others. Be a team player and help contribute to a positive work environment. This will make you more valuable in the eyes of your employer.

Offer new ideas and solutions

Employers are always looking for employees who can think outside the box and offer new perspectives. If you have an idea for how things could be done better, speak up! This will show that you're not just a follower, but a leader as well.

It's a journey, don't expect it to happen overnight, but I promise you, if you're intentional about this, you'll be much happier! Let's get back to it.

Project Yourself Properly

Now that we have our confidence built up, let’s learn how we can project ourselves properly in order to get noticed by potential employers or colleagues! Start off by introducing yourself clearly and confidently when entering a meeting room; be sure to mention any relevant titles or certifications that may have been obtained since joining the team (or previous team). When asked questions directly related to job performance, try not to get too technical – instead, focus on giving concise answers while emphasizing the impact of your work on the overall business objectives.

Lastly, being authentic in conversation always helps create stronger relationships between teams; don’t be afraid to show off your personality through humor or anecdotes whenever appropriate! Show em' pearly whites, smile and make them smile too!

Articulating our value as an Executive Assistant is no easy feat! But if we take the time to understand our worth and build up our confidence through practice and preparation, we can become experts at discussing ourselves in ways that will get us noticed and appreciated for all our hard work! With these simple steps under our belt, we can become more confident in discussing our successes without coming across as arrogant or overly boastful – something all successful professionals must master sooner rather than later! Good luck!

Stay awesome you incredible, magnificent human!

Keep in touch,

Meg ✌️

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