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Give and Take

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

These three little words can conjure up negative thoughts such as an individual settling or you giving and someone else taking. We have all been there and it does not feel good. I would like to present a positive spin on these words such as giving generously and receiving graciously.

Giving generously

Being in the Administrative profession, it is a given that we give of ourselves. By our own actions to put procedures into place, we increase efficiencies. By putting these procedures/efficiencies into place, the admin gives time back to their Executive, themselves, and to those who will follow after them. Seasoned admins should be continuously giving junior admins the secrets to their success. Giving tried and true procedures, tips, and tricks so that the junior admins are not wasting time recreating the wheel. Nuggets of wisdom, generously passed on, will keep our profession in the forefront of careers that make a difference and give opportunities to learn from the most influential leaders in each industry.

Junior admins also have the opportunity to give generously to the more seasoned admins. Fresh eyes on a project that is repeated often can produce efficiencies that will save time or strokes. Knowing newer technology options that could produce work in less time with less effort or reduce data entry completely could lead to an elated admin who in turn can give their Executive time and a new way of looking at information. Win Win Win!!!

Help others feel appreciated for the work they are doing. Giving sincere praise generously is simple and easy to do and has an amazing effect on those who receive it. Our society is quick at giving criticism, whether constructive or not. We need to consciously give praise generously as it is proven to “not only make us feel good but also significantly impact memory, learning, motivation and other cognitive functions” according to

Receiving graciously

For some this is more difficult. As a profession, we are usually thought of as the ones who know everything. But do we really? We need to understand that we cannot know everything. That being said, it is important to understand that although we do not know everything, we need to know who to go to for the things we do not know. There is nothing wrong with saying, I don’t know, but I will have an answer for you soon. We need to get over ourselves and receive graciously.

If you are a seasoned admin, do not dismiss suggestions from a junior admin. If the suggestion does not fit, once again, give generously of your time and knowledge to help the junior understand why it wouldn’t work and maybe with more information the junior and the seasoned admin come up with a better way to handle the situation/project but if not, a stronger bond has been built by the collaboration.

If you are a junior admin, receiving graciously from a seasoned admin might be difficult because you want to show that you know what you are doing and you DO. But a seasoned admin may be able to handle something more efficiently or realize that by doing something a different way, you will save yourself time or keystrokes. Or you might be able to combine a few things in less time. Seasoned admins have been where you are and have tried several things in order to make themselves more efficient. By receiving graciously, you not only learn from experience, but build a relationship that both you and the seasoned admin can benefit from.

Whether you are a seasoned admin or a junior admin be confident in what you know and never stop learning. Giving generously is easy. It is what we love about our profession. It is what makes us so good at what we do. Receiving graciously can be easy as well. It takes practice and it is oh so achievable and allows the giver to feel good about themselves. Take time to give generously and receive graciously. It is a win-win for all.

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