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Ready, Set, 2023! How to Achieve Incredible Goals as an Executive Assistant

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Executive Assistants are the unsung heroes of the business world. They work hard to support the Executives they serve and make sure that no detail goes unnoticed. As technology advances, so do the roles and responsibilities of Executive Assistants. It’s time to start setting goals for 2023 that will propel Executive Assistants into a new era of success.

Let’s Get Technical

Technology is changing at an exponential rate. Executive Assistants should have a basic level of knowledge in coding and software development because they may be asked to create web pages or troubleshoot technical issues with customers or vendors. Technology skills are essential for efficient communication with all stakeholders, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in tech.

On top of that, Executive Assistants should understand how their company uses data analytics for decision making. This means being able to interpret data sets and present them in a way that is meaningful and actionable for Executives. The ability to use data effectively will be essential in 2023 as it becomes more pervasive throughout organizations.

Leadership Skills Needed

Executive Assistants should also strive to develop leadership skills in order to achieve success in 2023 and beyond. Being able to manage teams, delegate tasks, and navigate difficult conversations is critical for any Executive assistant who wants to move up the corporate ladder. Leadership qualities such as creativity, resilience, empathy, adaptability, communication skills, problem solving capabilities, decision making abilities will become increasingly valuable as organizations continue to evolve over time.

Push Your Professional Development

Finally, it’s important for Executive Assistants to take ownership of their professional development if they want to remain successful in 2023 (and beyond). Executive Assistants should be constantly learning new skills and staying ahead of industry trends by reading relevant publications or attending conferences related to their field. Investing time and resources toward personal growth will pay off handsomely when it comes time for promotion opportunities or job interviews down the road.

You know me, I do like to list a couple quick wins for you!

Goals and Achievements for 2023 as an Executive Assistant

1. Build relationships with Executive staff – develop trust and a strong rapport with Executives in order to better serve them.

2. Improve administrative skills – explore new tools, technology, and processes that can help increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

3. Maintain a positive attitude – take on challenges with optimism, remain productive even during stressful times, and offer support to colleagues who need it.

4. Enhance organizational skills – cultivate an understanding of how things work within an organization so as to effectively manage tasks with greater ease and accuracy.

5. Utilize time management strategies – create a calendar of prioritized tasks, deadlines, and goals; delegate duties when necessary; learn how to say “no” when needed; multitask efficiently while staying focused on key priorities; review daily performance improvement plans regularly.

6. Leverage communication skills – become more confident in expressing thoughts verbally or through written communication; practice active listening techniques such as clarifying what is being said and responding appropriately; use email etiquette when composing messages; learn how to handle difficult conversations professionally and diplomatically.

7. Stay up-to-date on industry trends – research current news about best practices in the industry to stay informed of changes and advances in Executive assistance roles; attend conferences or seminars whenever possible to gain insight from professionals in similar positions or fields of expertise

8. Advance knowledge of software programs and technologies– learn new applications such as spreadsheets, project management systems, customer relationship management software (CRM), etc., that can help streamline operations for Executives. *Cough, cough, check out our Project Management posts for some ideas on this too!

9. Strengthen problem-solving abilities - develop strong analytical thinking skills by reading up on business case studies or staying abreast of relevant business issues happening around the world; think outside the box when faced with complex issues

10. Pursue professional development opportunities - take classes at a local community college or university that focus on topics related to Executive assistance such as office management techniques, communication strategies for success, conflict resolution methods, etc.; seek out mentoring relationships with seasoned professionals who have experience in similar roles

11. Cultivate networking contacts - reach out to peers through various online channels like LinkedIn or Twitter to build connections within your field; join professional organizations related to Executive assistance either locally or nationally which provide access to resources such as job postings, industry events & seminars. Hint this could even be those jazzy 'Virtual Coffees', I hear they even have them here on the #ConnectedAssistants site 😉 (Link to a virtual cup o' Joe ☕)

12. Participate in volunteer activities - find ways to give back by volunteering your time either within your company through various initiatives or outside organizations like charity groups or local non-profits who could benefit from your expertise

13. Utilize social media outlets - tap into platforms like Facebook & Instagram as valuable marketing tools for businesses by crafting posts that promote company products/services while engaging audiences online

As you can see, there are plenty of incredible goals Executive Assistants can set for themselves in 2023 (and beyond). Staying current on technology trends coupled with developing leadership skills and investing in personal growth initiatives may seem daunting but doing so will undoubtedly provide tremendous benefit both professionally and personally! Here's looking forward towards your bright future!

Let me know how you get on!

Stay flipping awesome ya beauties,

Meg ✌️

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